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Brew Guide: Chemex

  Beautiful and iconic, the Chemex is my personal go-to brew method. Pro tip: The recipe I'm about to share with you makes the exact perfect amount to have a cup at home, and use the rest to fill up your travel mug to-go. If you can't handle that much caffeine, I guess you could share.  This particular morning, I was in the kitchen with Abbye McGee (Founder of Salt + Charm) and Fanny Slater (author of Orange, Lavender & Figs), so I decided to share.  To make a Chemex, you'll need: 50 grams of freshly roasted, medium-ish* ground coffee  750 grams of filtered water, plus some to rinse your filter Gooseneck kettle Chemex Chemex filters Scale  Timer We recommend grinding your coffee immediately...

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