Some of you may know that Casa Blanca was originally built as a home in 1954.  We have put so much time, effort, sweat, and tears into the walls that so many guests have come to know and love.  

We enjoy having 7409 Market Street to call home, but we believe that Casa Blanca’s reputation for great service and specialty coffee has gone beyond our walls. 

We’ve outfitted a mobile cart to participate in any offsite event that we can handle, equipped with a La Marzocco GS3.  We are offering full espresso service to guests as well as drip coffee in easily portable carafes.  

At our core, creating drinks with specialty roasted coffee is our passion, and serving guests is our pleasure.  We would love to be included in your next gathering!

Half gallon cold to-go's of your favorite coffees. Batches can be cold brew, iced chai, iced coffee, and lattes. Including caramel, mocha, and our customer favorite Iced Vanilla Oat Milk Latte. 
Starting at $25.

Batch- Iced Vanilla Oat Milk Latte
 Orders over $100 need 24hr notice. 
Full Mobile Coffee Service
This will include 1-2 baristas, depending on demand, to make custom coffee drinks to order for 2 hours with unlimited drinks. 
To book or if you have any questions you can email