A Decade in Coffee


What better a time to reflect on my first decade in coffee than International Coffee Day?

On my fifteenth birthday, I begged my dad to drive me to get my workers permit so I could begin working immediately. What kind of birthday wish is that? I was a workaholic before I even knew it. I had no way of knowing my first day of (proper) work would be the point of no return, but there truly was no going back.

I loved coffee shops before I loved coffee. I love the routine, the energy, the people. Coffee shops are far more intimate of a setting than they're given credit for. They are personal, magical spaces. For ten years now, I've been lucky to spend at least five days a week getting to know people in an incomparable way. There is something extra special about being the first (or last) human interaction people may have in a day, about being a fixture in someone's routine, about spending more time with "strangers" than you spend with your own family and closest friends. So much time, in fact, that they become your family and closest friends. At this point, I've met almost every person in my life, directly or indirectly, through coffee. My closest friends, my business partner, my mentors, my boyfriend ... thank you, coffee.

Coffee has made my world spin 'round for the last ten years, so being without the day-to-day hustle and bustle of coffee shops has made the past 9 months especially difficult on me! Dreaming up Casa Blanca, I knew I needed to take a hard reset. I needed to enter this project energized and refreshed. A decade of 5:00 AM wake-up calls takes its toll. I needed to take the time to set myself up for the next decade in coffee. I miss it and can’t wait to be back.

Looking ahead, I am excited. Really, really, really, excited. Casa Blanca will be perfect. I've never been so sure of anything. I’m building it with a decade of love and experience.

I'm thankful so many of you have shared your hearts and your lives and your families and your secrets with me over coffee. Thank you for giving me a reason to get out of bed. Thank you for requiring me to be awake for more sunrises than the average person. Thank you for a decade.

I look forward to coffee with you.


  • Madison Henderson


  • Joe McHugh

    Congrats Marissa! I can’t wait to come see the new place! I wish you all the best!

  • Lisa Dickinson Cordillo

    Just from reading your blog first thing in the morning, I can tell you have a beautiful soul and will do great with your new adventure.

  • Flory Glancey

    Marissa so excited for you in your new business venture! Really looking forward to your blog and one of these days I’ll get NC for a visit. You definitely have your Mom’s gumption❤️❤️❤️❤️☕️☕️☕️‼️🎉‼️🎉

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